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Mobile Small Animal Clinic

13461 W. Layton Ave
Morrison, CO - 80465
(303) 697-6350

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About Mobile Small Animal Clinic

Dr. Deckert started doing house calls in April of 1979. At the time he was the only full time veterinarian doing house calls in the Denver metro area. He saw a need for such a service that no one was filling. There were clients that could not transport their pets for a variety of reasons. Pets that had an abnormal fear of the veterinary office, large dogs that had severe arthritis, cats that could not be put in carriers, cats that would urinate, defecate or vomit in the car. The largest number of client however just want the convenience of being able to stay at home and accomplish work that needs to be done rather than spend the time to transport their pets to the veterinary office.

Dr. Deckert started with a small (16 foot) motor home and has continually upgraded to larger motor homes (24 foot at this time) as the motor homes wore out. He has also continued to add more medical equipment through the years so he can rapidly diagnose and treat medical conditions at the time of the visit. Because of the unknown severity of diseases and traffic travel time we need 3 hour time frames for our appointments. This allows the doctor to make best use of his travel route. We are sure you want the doctor to have the time to do every thing that is necessary and have time to explain the problem(s) and the possible treatments for them.

Dr. Deckert and Sheila pride themselves in doing everything possible to make sure you understand your pet's medical need.

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